semi becomes official distributor of HTC


semi becomes exclusive distributor for Kenu


semi concludes contracts with CG Mobile, which enables the distribution of licensed mobile accessories such as the brand GUESS


semi becomes official distributor of LG


semi becomes official distributor of Wiko.


semi plans the introduction of a new ERP-Software.


semi gets the acceptance for the Salt end-user webshop, which was launched on the Internet under the name


The fifth B2B-Webshop is launched. All Mobilezone-Shops have access to the semi- product range. 


semi becomes official distributor of Sony Mobile Accessories, Otterbox/ Lifeproof and exclusive distributor of ItSkins and Lumdoo


semi becomes distributor of the brand Mike Galeli.


semi becomes official distributor for Samsung mobile accessories. In order to handle this new amount of products, an extended, external storing place at Leimgruber Transport and Logistics is being built.  


Dominik Strohbach joins the company during his time as a student at University as an assistant of the executive board.


semi concludes additional contracts with Swisscom:

  • individual supplementary product range of 10-20 hooks for each Swisscom-Shop. The product range is with the help of an online-software autonomically monitored by Swisscom-Team-Leaders
  • additional supplier for the central assortment of Swisscom.


semi launches the fourth B2B-Webshop. With this, the whole product range of semi-accessories can be ordered at every  counter of the Swiss Post.


semi takes over the sole-agency of Case-Mate (USA). Case-Mate is one of the leading mobile phone case-producers for all well-known brands. Additionally, semi launches products from Otterbox for outdoor-cases and original Blackberry accessories from the same distributor with its corporate headquarter in Great Britain.


semi takes over the sole-agency of the german producer of screen-protectors Crofcol. Crocfol offers the broadest product range for screen protectors in the area of mobile communication and cameras and an excellent quality.


Mobile communication accessories over the B2B-Webshops of Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt (former Orange) becomes the main business-source of semi.


semi gets the task to create a B2B-Webshop for Swisscom. The disused Phonehouse-Webshop is redesigned and launched as the new Swisscom-Webshop. With this, semi is represented in all three Swiss telco-providers and acquires a big know-how advantage in the B2B-Online-Business.


semi quits the accessories-contract with Orange (now Salt). The B2B-Webshop however is still being continued.


Swisscom takes over all activities of the Swiss phone-group. The Phonehouse-B2B-Webshop is put out of service.


semi employs 11 people and several part-time workers and  achieves a volume of CHF 6 millions a year. The company receives 6000 orders over phone, 5000 over fax and more than 37'000 online orders.


The third B2B-Webshop for the Swiss telco-provider Sunrise is being launched on the Internet. 


semi launches the second B2B-Webshop for the company The Phone House.


semi takes over the service for Philips consumer electronics spare parts.


In cooperation with the extern IT-Company CodeLab arises a new webshop-generation. The first B2B with a "direct home delivery" function is being developed for Orange (now Salt). With this, every Orange-Shop has access to the whole product range of semi. 


semi becomes official supplier of mobile accessories for the telco-provuder Orange Communications (now Salt)




With the boom of Nokia mobile-phones with changeable covers, the area mobile communication accessories becomes an auspicious volume. Licence contracts with the formula 1 racing team RedBull-Sauber and the football club FB Basel are being made. 


semi employs 10 people and makes a volume of CHF 5,2 million. The company receives 20'000 orders over phone, 40'000 orders over fax and 427 online-orders. 


Early on, semi sees a huge potential in the Internet and launches one of the first online webshops ever. The previous used SOS disks are superseded. 


semi  gets into the business of mobile telephony and establishes a complete accessorie-product-range.


In July, semi moves into its new home and office-house in Bettingen with business-premises and two condominiums for shareholders.


semi presents its semi-organisation-system (SOS) as an innovation at the most important exhibition for this industry, the FERA in Zurich. The whole product range including an order-software is saved on one disk. 


The volume of electronic components is stagnating because devices are less and less repaired. Semi adopts a new strategy and intensifies its activity in the acccessory-secotr. A special focus is set on transportable energy (batteries) and connecting material (cable, plugs, switchboxes). 


semi-electronic ag employs four people and makes a volume of CHF 1.4 millions.


semi takes over the first sole-agency. A new era begins with the distribution of inexpensive surrogate remotes from the Italian company CME.


semi installs one of the first PC-Networks (Novell) in Switzerland and connects four working stations with a firm Novell-Server.


semi begins a business operation with the dutch company NEDIS. Nedis is strongly export-orientated and offers semi an excellent purchasing platform.


semi recognizes the potential in electronic data handling and automatizes several business processes with the first available PCs. Because of this, a new individual office-software, which is even today (2016) still in use, was created. 


semi hires its first employee and takes hold as one of the leading component-supplier in the area of Radio/TV-Service. 


semi becomes a stock-company. Stockholders are Dieter Strohbach with 60% and Susy Fleury with 40%. 


semi becomes a two-man-business and both owner earn their living with this company. 


semi-electronic is founded on 1st of Juli as a "kommandit-company". On 1st of September, the business activity was startet as a one-man-business on the fourth floor in a small four-room apartment in Kleinbasel. The business mission is the wholesale of electronic components for Radio/ TV repair shops in Switzerland. The service is based on the slogan "Order today, install tomorrow".